Student Work

  • Architectural Design (BFA)

    Sahar Rahaman


    The site plan for Over the Edge dictates the organizational structure wherein the program has been segregated into three masses on the site. The edge has been uniquely carved to support the new landscaping on the site. This new edge is intended to break the boundary of the site and define a new promenade that would allow the community to participate in the public program that makes up a large part of the development process.

    The building situated at the edge acts as a bridge over it. The two buildings at the south-east end of the site are cantilevered structures. Their shifting nature allows for pockets of open and closed spaces to develop throughout the site. The bridges that connect the floors of the individual housing blocks form a network above. The bridges are private spaces for the residents, however, they are designed to allow people walking below to participate in the shifting nature of the site’s movement. Topography plays an intricate role in bringing all of the program’s aspects together. It anchors the buildings to the ground and creates a progression of movement of individuals that enter from Vernon Boulevard as the water is revealed.