Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Ta Suranart Kasitipradit

    This is what happy looks like

    Sunrise pink, baby animals, and cotton candy, these are some of the things that always cheer me up. As a Buddhist, I am urged to find happiness from within — through mindfulness and meditation. I have lived by these teachings for as long as I can remember, but as a graphic designer, I couldn’t help wondering if it’s also possible to access happiness from the outside in.

    Inspired by Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Aesthetic of Joy, I believe that happiness is a renewable spectrum of positive emotions. It takes a courageously active state of mind to perceive our daily world as a reservoir of positive graphics. We have a whole world of happiness around us and I whole-heartedly believe that we can access it through tangible design attributes including: repetition (100 pieces of confetti will always be happier than one confetto), symmetry, vibrant color, dynamic and playful shapes, and expansive white space.

    This thesis project brings to life happy aesthetics. I respectfully argue that if you create according to such aesthetics, your design will look and feel happy! I hope that it will spark joy in your life as much as it did in mine.