Student Work

  • Data Visualization (MS)

    Andrew Levinson

    The United States Water Crisis

    Freshwater has been described as the oil of the 21st century. In the wake of extreme water stress events occurring across the globe, I wanted to explore water issues that are often overlooked here in the United States. Major factors like population growth, climate change, and crumbling infrastructure are causing regional water stress that will soon affect other areas of the country if action is not taken. In order to change our relationship with water, action must come in the form of both infrastructure investments and behavioral changes. I designed and built this web-based data-driven visual essay to explore how and where freshwater is used, current water stress in the United States, and behavioral vs. investment choices needed to conserve massive amounts of water. Tools used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, D3.js, Vue.js, Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox Studio, QGIS, and Excel.