Student Work

  • Interior Design (BFA)

    Jingyu Wang

    The Jute Quest

    This project seeks to transform the 11th and 12th-floor studio spaces located at 2 West 13th Street into a combined work/live complex for a total of 12 residents — including undergraduate and graduate students from all New School divisions, one resident advisor, and one staff member. The elevators, emergency staircases, and a double height space created by removing the floor between the 11th and 12th-floor central conference rooms were required elements of the design.

    The main concept of this project is to generate a fun and creative working environment by infusing the daily living experience with unique spacial elements. In order to achieve this goal, jute was chosen as the primary material for constructing an adventurous space that can stimulate users' curiosity and encourage them to engage with their surroundings. Interesting moments created by the conventional and unconventional use of the space gives this project its title: The Jute Quest. See more on issuu.