Student Work

  • Industrial Design (MFA)

    Meizhu Li


    Nighty Night is a wristband that improves sleep by combining traditional Chinese acupressure with low-frequency pulse current, stimulating specific acupoints on the wrist. The design uses proven scientific methods that do not require the user’s active involvement. Traditional Chinese acupressure is a helpful and effective treatment for insomnia, but most people don’t have the knowledge to try the technique by themselves. The limitations of traditional Chinese acupressure can be resolved easily by introducing low-frequency pulse current. This technology creates an even current that stimulates the area between two electrode poles, compensating for the slightly different position of acupoints for each user.

    Nighty Night’s design is comprised of a silk wristband that holds the electronic component, an elegant box housing a wireless charger, and screen control settings. The user simply puts on the wristband, sets the preferred intensity and duration of stimulation, and enjoys a full night’s sleep.