Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Amanda Zaldivar


    Living in New York City isn't always easy. One contributing factor is the lack of accessible green space. Research points to the emotional and physical benefits of interacting with nature (even for just 20 minutes a day), but our widespread disconnect to the natural world is a problem that often goes ignored. Revive is designed to help NYC residents measure, track, and improve both the quantity and quality of their green time in the city. In addition to detailed visualized statistics, the user's progress is embodied by a digital plant that grows based on passively tracked metrics, such as visiting a new green space, step count, sunlight, and more. Additionally, Revive recommends new places for the user to visit based on the season and weather. Users can add friends, see their place on the leaderboard, and nudge friends when their plants are dying. Revive will inspire and motivate NYC residents to seek out green spaces and connect to nature more meaningfully, which in turn will benefit their health and general well-being.