Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Esther Klingbiel

    Beneath Language: Visualizing Emotion Through Design

    How can we visualize the unseen? Throughout history, visual symbols and systems have been used in mathematics, language, and science to help us understand the world. Yet there is no complete visual system to represent emotion or mental illness. Besides offering a visual representation of emotion, in this project I propose a series of replicable visual systems that are evocative of emotional states. I am also looking to translate psychological and psychiatric common practices into these systems. This project is a bridge between the highly structured, fact-based world of clinical psychology and the imaginative and fluid world of design. I am a methodological designer. When creating anything visually complex, I develop a distinct set of working rules for myself. Rules free my creative abilities by allowing them to exist within clearly defined boundaries. I have employed rule sets and systems throughout this project. For me, the process of my work is just as important as the outcome.