Student Work

  • Architectural Design (BFA)

    Massimo A. Pellegrini

    L-Evated Cycle-Way

    With the impending shutdown of the New York City subway system’s L-train 240,000 daily riders will lose their means of mass transit. 14th street will be closed to passenger cars during the business day due to a radical increase in bus traffic. This unique situation presents the opportunity for a new means of mass transit: the L-Evated Cycle-Way. The Cycle-Way would facilitate bike traffic across 14th street, from Brooklyn to the West Side Highway. Architecturally, this proposal will allow for a new typology of station to be invented and implemented at key points along the Cycle-Way.

    This proposal explores the tension between passage and destination in the program of a station. A series of interacting passages and volumes are woven into a dense structural system, radiating outward to meet the contextual standards of the site. The central core maintains a static moment where travelers can stop and observe transfer between methods of transportation. Auxiliary spaces provide thru-travel and transfer between the underground subway and PATH trains, street level automotive traffic, and the Cycle-Way. The building’s seemingly exploded components and systems visually promote a sense of transparency into the inner workings of the machine that is urban mass transit.