Student Work

  • Data Visualization (MS)

    Benzamin Yi


    The 1992 Los Angeles Riots Memorial

    The Los Angeles riots of 1992 have personal meaning for me, a fact I realized many years later, after doing research. In order to document the events that took place in the city while I was quarantined at home, I created this visualization with an hour-by-hour record of the events. Lives were senselessly lost in the riot. The Los Angeles Times gathered data on the riot, including stories about each person who died. A memorial is often created to honor those who died defending our country or as a result of a tragic historical event. I created this visualization to memorialize the riot and those who died as a means of symbolizing the tension between power, race and relationships, which still remains unresolved. A sense of injustice ignited the city, but little has been done to resolve it. This memorial serves to remind us that we went through this tragedy and should work more to prevent another riot like this.