Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Vanessa Sepul-Azcarraga

    Being You-Man

    Being You-Man is a framework for developing emotional intelligence (EI) through embodied learning and community. Emotions are integral to the human condition, yet we're never explicitly taught how to manage them. This framework is designed to develop one's EI so that one's actions align with one's goals and foster well-being. This project is also a response to the over-prescription of medication and the symptom-covering approach to mental health care. This is about not denying difficult emotions, but embracing human reality and using it to help us advance and connect with others. Since so much emotional learning is theoretical, the embodied learning will help close the gap between knowing how one should want to act and knowing how to actually respond with confidence to each situation as it arises. Each module is designed to last 2.5 hours, with games and activities that are designed to help users: 1. Experience joy, laughter and intimacy by using play to move through discomfort. 2. Question and rethink defining beliefs we have about ourselves, others and life. 3. Develop a resilience mindset and provide tools and resources enabling users to thrive in life. As the events are designed to be self-led, all materials can be either ordered or printed through the website. Each participant will bring something unpredictable.