Student Work

  • Transdisciplinary Design (MFA)

    Daniela Sanchez and Lauren Atkins

    Reimagining the Everyday for Sustainable Transitions

    Reimagining the Everyday for Sustainable Transitions is aimed at addressing sustainability initiatives' failure to engage citizens. Using design as a critical practice, the project challenges the status quo and encourages a cultural shift by exposing causal connections between dominant unsustainable practices and individuals' everyday choices. The project combines various research methods to shed light on the individual and shared subjective experience of sustainability. The outcomes indicated a need for conversation within the everyday that link knowledge of climate change to areas where individual actions can make an impact. A comprehensive literature review revealed that the most accessible area in which individuals could have the greatest impact was in food practices. Following our hypothesis, our design concept proposes a system of tools that work in two ways. First, they engage participants in a reflective inquiry into how our food choices are political, ecological and agricultural acts through a staged dining experience. Second, they encourage participants to take up sustainable decision-making practices through the use of an app and a website that act as a practical extension of the dinner. The dinner is designed to provide knowledge of food resources through embodied learning, a means of experiencing knowledge, data, and ethical and conceptual questions of sustainability through concrete examples. Meanwhile, the app provides individuals with a shopping list tool that acts as a loose framework to help alleviate anxiety and provide simple alternatives to food choices that conflict with the users' values.