Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Isabel Sakura

    Care and Comforting (3:47)

    Isabel Sakura, aka SakuraDaijin, combines her skills as a producer, singer-songwriter, sculptor, fashion designer, and video and installation artist to pursue experimental DIY pop stardom in a series of music video performances and installations. SakuraDaijin's work explores the pleasure of producing media culture through immaterial labour while considering self-consciousness in the performer and anxieties around being watched using remixing and other forms of material manipulation to interfere with the original performance. Care and Comforting is an immersive VR music video which features multiple copies of SakuraDaijin in coordinated outfits, each singing a different part while performing a choreographed dance. The bodies move around the floating structure of a square screen room as the viewer's 360-degree perspective slowly shifts and increases in speed until it spins out of control. i can give u something u might want i'll lay with u and sing soft lullabies i can give u care and comforting I can love u better than they can said i want u more said i want ur love give me a chance to tell u Just what i want The simple lyrics, which flow in and out of one another in various layers, are seemingly sweet and innocent, but could also become toxic and controlling. The motion of the video also suggests the flip-flop between something that is cute, seductive, and comforting and something that is sickening and controlling, pointing to the tensions of power and toxicity of romance.