Student Work

  • Fashion Marketing and Communication (AAS)

    Gina Paljusevic, Sunmin Park, Jane Choi

    Acne Mama

    The goal of Acne Mama is to launch and market a responsible line of denim clothing that embodies the idea of a Responsible and Positive Vision of the Future. The line supports sustainability through the product itself as well as the lifestyle encouraged through the marketing strategy. We chose Acne Studios as the collaborative brand because it is a highly successful brand that is not currently working sustainably. Our product is a maternity jean design and a repair service. The maternity clothing industry creates tons of waste every year. Women buy clothes to wear for the duration of their pregnancy, but never find use for them afterwards. The maternity clothes are thrown out and add to the waste created by the apparel industry. As a solution, we came up with sustainable maternity jeans that can be worn for a long time, both during and after pregnancy. The maternity jeans will use a sustainable denim fabric by manufacturer ISKO and feature an elastic fabric on the side seam, so that the jeans can be worn comfortably during pregnancy. After Mama has her baby, she will be able to send the jeans back to any Acne for repair and a small personalization. She will be able to wear the same jeans after pregnancy, reducing waste and encouraging recycling, not just with the maternity jeans, but all of her clothing. Since there is currently no sustainable maternity denim on the market, creating this product will also mean opening up a new market. See more on issuu.