Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Isa Medina

    Jaguar Azul

    Through the years, I've learned that nothing lasts forever and that everything happens for a reason. Some people come and go, while others stay until the end, but each person or moment that passes forms a part of who we are. This project is about developing a connection and attachment to something that takes a lot of time and labor to create, something that hurts to let go of, just like our attachments to people. The image of the jaguar dissolving remains engraved in my mind like those souls that I have had to let go into another dimension. The blue jaguar represents the pain of impermanence, of the ephemerality of life; the souls that have died, the friendships and lovers that leave, the injustices that keep happening, the animals in danger of extinction, and all the losses of life. Model: Coco Delgado Photographer: Gabriela C. Walther Filmmaker: Sergio Valdez