Student Work

  • Transdisciplinary Design (MFA)

    Celina Lacaze

    Cohabitation by design, Multispecies intra-action in the Anthropocene

    We have profoundly transformed the planet and the composition of the atmosphere. Animals are moving across the world to cope with its effects, but urban expansion has disrupted natural corridors, sometimes leaving no alternative for animals other than to navigate inhospitable cities. Humans are responsible for animals' facing a disconnected habitat. What tools could help create a habitat that helps wild animals transit human-dominated environments? What if we treated animals in transit with empathy, hospitality, and acknowledgment? This project proposes to give space to migratory animals in the built environment by transforming the functionality of ordinary artifacts to be interspecies centered. Focusing on migratory songbirds, an interspecies table was designed to provide birds with a place to rehydrate after long hours of flight. The design object is a way to surface newand perhaps surprisingethical and moral dimensions and to re-evaluate the relationship we have with other kinds of living beings. This transdisciplinary thesis is framed as a scalar intervention with the intention of cultivating environmental responsibility, making humans reconsider the importance of our actions, and assessing the magnitude of the global, social, and environmental catastrophe the world is already facing, beginning with a one-to-one microinteraction between a bird and a human.