Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Caseena Karim

    Spi(Cy-Fi)lms: Left Unsaid

    Spi(Cy-Fi)lms is a series of responsive 4D works by artist Cy-Fi aimed at creating solidarity between queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) through video, film, performance, animation, and other 4D media. This series was presented at BronxArtSpace as part of the free programming for the exhibition For Us. This series invites viewers to listen, participate, and create their own works in response, building solidarity through 4D media. Cy-Fi's three-part video performance series begins with Left Unsaid, a compilation of interviews with loved ones who discuss their definitions of microaggressions within institutions, de-constructing language used to silence them and re-constructing it to empower themselves instead. The second video performance, Except Me, is about the surveillance of Muslim communities in NYC, compared to representations of white supremacists who have committed acts of terror. The final video performance/animation, Boxing, expands on the theme of increased NYPD surveillance, specifically within Cy-Fi's community, where surveillance cameras and NYPD helicopters have become the norm, and compares it to Cy-Fi's girlfriend's experience in Williamsburg, where gentrification works to silence marginalized communities. These videos offer no resolution, but rather present moments where the protagonists find peace within themselves and solidarity with one another. The videos are also collaborations with the artists who perform in each piece and the viewers at Spi(Cy-Fi)lms events. They are aimed at challenging the boundaries of video, film, performance, animation, and identity. This is an ongoing series on, and is part of the larger QTPOC collective