Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    Catherine Gariépy Lépine

    Uncovering Queer Histories

    Queer spaces are for the others. They are created from the ground up, in appropriated locations. They are constantly menaced with threats of erasure by heteronormative society, which sees queer space as a threat, therefore allowing and encouraging its removal. Time and time again, sites of queer history have been paved over, both physically and in memory. Uncovering Queer Histories aims to commemorate, highlight, and provoke activations of these sites of forgotten histories through research and interpretation, design counterproposals, physical interventions, performance pieces, material studies, photography, and more. It is an ongoing and evolving interconnected tool kit, designed to feed off previous actions. The website is the home base for these site activations, and invites people to submit their own opinions, stories, memories, images, and research. Through the platform, these strategies can be applied elsewhere. The reach of the work could expand to other cities, helping to uncover forgotten stories and bring them to public attention. I invite you to visit the website and follow @uncoveringqueerhistories to learn about the sites that have been uncovered and to stay up-to-date with future work. Share this with your friends and invite them to contribute to the project. Educate. Provoke a discussion. Ignite a reaction.