Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Alexa Gantous


    TrashTalk is a living lab helping humans in cities reconnect with nonhuman systems. At a time when we are increasingly connected, we are also in the midst of disconnecting from the things that matter most. Particularly in cities, we experience a physical and emotional separation from nature, which makes it challenging for us to acknowledge our role in the environmental crisis as makers, consumers, and humans. We interact with these systems every day yet rarely if ever take the time to question and re-design. TrashTalk is a project that helps people reflect and imagine a way forward. It is designed as both an online and an offline conversation that evolves with the feedback from people interacting with it. The activations offered include open source tools with which to host your own TrashTalk and a series of Unlearning Card Sets. Both are designed to empower people to live and work with greater ecological awareness. See more on issuu.