Student Work

  • Fine Arts (MFA)

    Gal Cohen


    My main mediaums are painting and installation. In my art, I explore the delicate balance ? between formal subjects of painting, and subject matters that responds to today's political and social climate. I use fragments from my biography as starting points to create archive- based work designed that aims to trace the elusive route of a collective memory, and explore potential interactions between fact and fiction. My paintings are built in overlapping layers and often end up as installations. Taking a counteraction to an action, I go back and forth between the factual and the memory, the archive and the canvas, the intentional and the accidental. My paintings are constructed with contrasts:; Figuration and abstraction, the damaged and the sterile, the organic and geometric are all layered to imply the evasive, often manipulative nature of the wayhow a narrative isgets generated. Each layer counters the one before, and creates a palimpsest of lost narratives to echo oppression and transparency in contemporary society.