Student Work

  • Communication Design (MPS)

    Husani Barnwell

    POWER UP Fitness Digital Product Design & Internet of Things Smart Gym Concept

    With POWER UP, gymgoers can surpass their strength goals by tracking their reps, weight, speed and power automatically. Users can view augmented reality form demos of their favorite lifts in real time, in situ, so that they can perfect their exercise technique and avoid injuries. Users can compete against themselves or other POWER UP gyms around the country seamlessly by starting up the app and training in POWER UP gear at POWER UP-equipped gyms. POWER UP helps athletes put the work into lifting, and not into charting their progress. POWER UP works by equipping weight plates, fitness stations, and gymgoers' workout gear (gloves, sneakers, or ankle and wrist bracelets) with sensors. An algorithm compiles the data and determines which fitness station a gymgoer is currently using, which exercises he or she is doing, and how much weight he or she is lifting. The app can also determine rest times and make performance comparisons between individual workouts and gym-versus-gym workouts. This technology can be used for Workouts of the Day (WODs) or powerlifting competitions. To create this concept, I conducted a full product development cycle, including the creation of a project charter; affinity mapping; desk research; observational research; many rounds of synthesis; interviews; sketch sessions; hypothesis creation; polarizing prototypes; additional sketches; low-, medium-, and high-fidelity prototypes; user testing; and branding.