Student Work

  • Design Studies (MA)

    Rami Saab

    Beirut Beiti

    Beirut Beiti (Beirut, My Home) is a user-generated advocacy platform and tool that helps Beirutis create new public spaces in their city and document and activate existing ones. Developed in collaboration with Twig Collaborative and Jad Chakra, the project is a response to lived experiences in Beirut and questions such as, What defines a public space in Beirut? Why does the city have such a limited number of public spaces? and How can Beirutis work together to create a more welcoming urban environment? Under the umbrella of bottom-up design activism, Beirut Beiti provides users with a wide range of interactive tools, resources, and links to relevant organizations to help them create public-space events and opportunities in the city. The platform acts as a center for the many designers, planners, and denizens working to address public space issues in Beirut and provides researchers with real-time data, allowing them to record, recover, contest, and share information about Beirut's public life.

    This project was completed in collaboration with external community members including Jad Chakra and Twig Collaborative.