Student Work

  • Interior Design (BFA)

    Margot Roybier

    Fabric. A framework for the Nolita community to rebuild a neighborhood life

    The Fabric project arose from acknowledgment of a faded sense of community, made worse by gentrification and the lack of access to open public spaces in the neighborhood of Nolita. The Fabric project is a place where the community will be able to experience different spaces and interact with different programming as an extension of their homes. The primary purpose of Fabric is to provide a public place that will bring people together and re-create local identity. The project will focus on the idea of place making and place attachment through the integration of food and recreational activities. The aim of revitalizing the social fabric of the neighborhood and encouraging the formation of community networks is illustrated by a scaffolding-like structure that stimulates connections, fostering curiosity as well as interactions between people. This new public place offers a framework within which the inhabitants of Nolita can take ownership of their local environment, build meaningful connections, and develop a genuine neighborhood. See more on issuu.