Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Yung San Pan


    Materials: Porcelain, glass, wood, felt During an age that values efficiency and speed, Koda is a tea set designed to revive tea-drinking etiquette and ritual in the home. Despite renewed interest in the health benefits of tea, common methods of consumption are unsustainable, have reduced health benefits, and, most important, bypass the cultural and ritualistic experience of tea drinking. Drawing upon the Chinese gongfu tea ceremony, Koda redefines both procedural and technical aspects of tea drinking for the average person. The opening of Koda's compact form marks the beginning of the ritual. The packaging transforms into a tray, and individual pieces are taken out in order of setup and use. Koda also utilizes visual cues of color and coding to guide tea drinkers to understand and reach proper steeping ratio, temperature, and time technically crucial elements of tea making that are often found confusing or disregarded. Ultimately, Koda is an approach that places emphasis on tea drinking as an approachable lifestyle habit, teaching users to bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern. See more on issuu.