Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Sydney Loew

    Texture, Sensation, and Emotion

    Sensation, Texture, and Emotion examines how tactile therapy and textiles have the power to create a safe, soothing, and stress-free environment. The collection is a retreat of softness, stimulation, and connectedness and was created in reaction to stress and anxiety in a time of mental health crises, political and environmental instability, and isolation in the digital age. The collection of garments and interior products is constructed from secondhand materials ranging from unraveled sweaters that became yarn to sleeping bag batting and bedding. The highly tactile pieces combine textiles created using rug-making techniques and quilting with unconventional materials like plastic bags. Each piece was crafted by hand and invites audience interaction through stimulating the senses and altering viewers' environments and emotions while offering a sense of protection and comfort.