Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Youngeun Her


    Improvise your style within tradition. Jazz is improvisational: It celebrates individual freedom and encourages personal expression. However, improvisation is not just about freedom. It has rules for breaking the rules. Jazz improvisation has to be based on the tradition and the history of classical music. Improvisators (jazz musicians) can play their personal interpretations of pieces of music if they stick to the rules and respect the tradition. In my thesis collection, I bring this rule of improvisation to the rules of my life. I grew up in a politician's family. My upbringing was very conservative and traditional, and I have always craved freedom. Thus, I have decided to improvise by following the rules of my family. I set classic tailored menswear as my rule for Improvisation: Life because I watched my family members wear tailored garments such as pinstripe suits, navy trench coats, and black cashmere coats. Even though all of garments maintain the shape of classic menswear, I created garments to be transformative, so that wearers can play with my collection using their own interpretation and diverse styles, improvising within tradition. See more on issuu.