Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Zok Argires


    My thesis work consists of a series of abstract, organic, symbolic bodies which have, over time, been endowed with personal mythologies and sacred messages. The symbols have grown from scribbles into concrete forms. They have a mysterious presence that softly demands acknowledgment and contemplation. I created my Stack Arches in a plethora of material iterations, in media ranging from beeswax to candy to steel, each of which stands on the floor, the shelves, and the occasional ledge of a painting. Each Stack Arch, like a letter of my own alphabet, encapsulates the frequency of its individual medium into form. This project illuminates the potential of expressive gestures to convey multiple inherent meanings. It is a continuous pursuit of drawing to discover, and forgetting to remember. My thesis paper as well as photos of my work are available on my website,