Student Work

  • Lighting Design (MFA)

    Jessica Collier

    Perception of Metrics: The Intersection of Color Metrics and Qualities Guided by Preference

    LED technology has redefined the way designers approach design criteria such as color, healthful living environments, and controls. These new functions and capabilities have created a more complex language surrounding the description and specifications of light sources. Tunable light sources further compound this problem, because each setting comes with unique metrics and characteristics. This work attempts to resolve the gap between consumer education and the expanding palette of products by translating the metrics of a source into a description of its qualities and attributes for specific applications. Two experiments were conducted to correlate metrics and associated visual perception of various light sources. The results helped create a database that provides approachable descriptions of light sources which can be used by manufacturers, designers, and consumers alike. The complexities captured in the database can help consumers pick the most comfortable lighting for their homes through a website or an app in home improvement stores. See more on issuu.