Student Work

  • Industrial Design (MFA)

    Weiran Chen

    Ci: Re-imagine Chinese Porcelain

    China's craft traditions are among the oldest and most cultivated in the world, dating back five thousand years. However, contemporary craftsmanship in China has become undervalued. Products made in China today are associated with low quality and poor working conditions. Porcelain has long held a special place in the history of China. Through its impact on customs and aesthetics, this material has deeply influenced the way we live. Could porcelain, as a traditional Chinese material, build a bridge between the past and the future? Ci is an interactive tile system in which Chinese porcelain is used to create visual, tactile, and sculptural solutions for interiors. It contains various modules that emphasize the functional, aesthetic and interactive aspects of porcelain. It brings out five thousand years of Chinese history by connecting porcelain traditions with interactive displays.