Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Yu Chen , Claudia Poh, Christina Mallon

    C⋅air Collective

    C⋅air Collective is an aspiring design firm that puts humans at the core of its design process. Christina is a wardrobe designed to facilitate independent dressing, inspired by Christina Mallon, who was diagnosed with ALS seven years ago and experiences paralysis in her arms. These garments are designed to dress the person. How can we make a garment go against gravity and onto the body? C⋅air Collective is based on a paradigm in which independent dressing works hand in hand with soft inflatable frameworks built into garments, designed to offer people assistance in getting dressed. In fashion, this concept might seem bizarre, but it has been applied in other fields: There are self-driving cars, AI, and Amazon Alexa. C⋅air Collective is a first step toward new possibilities in fashion. What if our clothes could do more for us and for our bodies?