Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Vicky Chau

    Print is Dead is Dead

    Our digital culture is saturated with images, information, and networks. The Internet has become a vessel in which reality is questioned and lines are blurred between the real and the virtual. The Internet deletes all concepts of time, speed, separation and distance. The Internet is fast becoming its own reality. Print is Dead is Dead is a subversive zine that aims to refute the outdated statement "Print media is dead" by introducing an augmented reality experience to the printed book. In its first issue, entitled "The Internet: The Death of Reality," the zine attempts to answer the questions: What can digital do that print can't? What can the Internet do that reality can't? The printed pages of the book are a representation of an Internet utopia-democracy, liberated expression, free speech - while the augmented reality application acts as a translator or filter revealing Internet dystopia, exposing what is false, imaginary, and distorted. What do we stand to gain and lose from our digital selves? What do we choose to accept, believe, and trust on the Internet? This project is an investigation of the social and political realities behind the physical and digital realms. It confronts the Internet's ability to both shape our impressions of the reality we experience and reveal conflicting realities.