Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Minying Wan


    Couple, in its form as a chair, questions the definition of furniture in an era of visual culture. With its vulnerability and simultaneous aggression, it challenges the inherent nature of a chair. It investigates the experience of mixed art and design in redefining the object for the furniture. The work benefits from the approach of sculpture, furniture and architecture. Despite the similarity in shape, the pair of chairs communicates an opposing ideology. By juxtaposing acrylic and steel, transparency and opaqueness, light and dark tones, smoothness and dullness, my work examines a bipolar dialogue between femininity and masculinity, warmth and coldness, nature and machine, peace and war. Most of my designs are based on the language of pyramid. The details in my work are influenced by geometric considerations and material properties, such as transparency and reflectivity. Through this work, I seek to explore dichotomy, and to investigate the connection and opposition, the graciousness and lurking chaos of the outside world.