Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (MS) / Design Business (Grad Certificate)

    Maria Tabet


    COUCOU acts as a silent contributor to maintaining relationships. It does not require any specific input from any of the members. My research has indicated that although technology removes barriers from staying in touch with one's intimate circle, lack of time is the real reason people fail to communicate regularly. COUCOU is a virtual box that uses artificial intelligence to collect data on the user's daily activities, then packages the data as tailored messages delivered to relevant people. COUCOU analyzes the user's relationship dynamics with their connections, and uses this analysis to curate messages between them. For example, if an individual has a strong relationship with their mother, which revolves mostly around cooking, architecture and well-being, COUCOU will base its data analysis on these themes in order to send the mother enough information about these specific topics, and not too much about others. Messages could be programmed to deliver once a week, maintaining the relationship without invading a user's personal life or their mailbox. See COUCOU on issuu.