Student Work

  • Transdisciplinary Design (MFA)

    Christian Smirnow, Sonja Rogova, Corey Chao

    Articulate Matter: Words About Air Pollution

    "Articulate Matter" is a vocabulary with newly designed words that highlight everyday air pollution indicators and related health effects. Ubiquitous but invisible, air pollution affects us daily. Yet, despite the development of higher-resolution tools to detect it and describe it scientifically, we have little day-to-day vocabulary with which to make sense of its patterns and lessen our exposure. This vocabulary is embedded in a proposed health insurance service, the "Better Breather Program." In partnership, NASA Earth Science and insurance providers create actionable data to reduce citizens' exposure to air pollution. These data are used to create new words, which are then packaged through a high-end communication strategy. Concrete design outputs include a list of new pollution vocabulary, a service blueprint, images that narrate service interactions, and Better Breather Program commercials.