Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Sara Schipani, Nikolai Kellman, Jack O'Connor

    A Series: Lies, Fuckboys, and Love Poems

    For millennials, hook-ups, relationships, rejection, and sex are common light conversation topics. But once I started listening closely, I realized there is a common term used among millenials - the word "fuckboy." Although there is something humorous in the term, millennials' stories referencing fuckboys shed light on something more complex. The common goal of a fuckboy is to derive pleasure at any expense, and without regard for any harm done to others. Millennials are accustomed to being treated poorly by romantic and sexual partners, and this behavior is tolerated and therefore normalized. In this book, I collect millennials' stories with the aim of exploring an issue and a behavior that is viewed as unproblematic.