Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Alessia Reggiani


    I was inspired and motivated to understand the construction of a patriarchal family. In exploring the patriarchal family system, I discovered that matrilineal heritages are always present, supporting the survival and resistance of women. Matrilineal heritage and patriarchy coexist. I decided to analyze these systems while focusing on the specific tradition of the dowry using my art practice, in which physical components and intellectual engagement with materiality lead towards creating new meanings and subverting the old ones. Traditions that are closely linked with our culture and society help us feel as if we belong. In the same contradictory manner, by building and rebuilding our present, we can change what doesn't feel right and keep what does. There is freedom to think beyond the ideas that we have inherited. Sometimes, the old ways need to be revitalized, redefined, reframed, and given a new perspective. In this case, that means the dowry. This work attempts to redefine the original intent and concept behind the tradition of the dowry, so that we can think about what we have been doing, why, and what changes can be made to make our culture strong and balanced for both men and women.