Student Work

  • Photography (BFA)

    Brandon Petulla

    It Runs In Inches

    "It Runs in Inches" is about obsessive-compulsive disorder and my rebellion against it. By accepting this disorder, I have taken agency. I allow the compulsive workings of my mind to go into overdrive. I have a fascination with objects and their use value. By installing or photographing objects, I find new utility in them. This new use often expresses or explores my own personal experiences of sexuality, frustration, or aggression. The objects I source in my images have their own autonomous presence. I'm interested in the connections between humans and objects, as we live in a state of interdependency. In my pictures I question the ways humans depend on objects for survival. WIthout the objects we fill our lives with, we are nothing. Objects are forced into a tyranny of use value. A thing is allowed to be a thing because it is in service. I want to imagine a world where these relationships are reversed. My tactile and haptic use of materials and conscious awareness of OCD are the measurements I use to produce work.