Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Vanessa Palacio


    Curioso is a tableware collection that is inspired by the unique events that occur while dining. Many times when you eat a taco, food and grease drip onto your hand and plate as you bite into one side. The design of the taco holder is intended to embrace this messy and awkward moment by catching the food as it falls out. I found that when people eat ice cream from a bowl, the ice cream typically melts at a faster rate than it is consumed. When the solid ice cream is gone, the liquid is difficult to scrape. I decided to embrace the fact that ice cream melts and challenge the previous scraping method. In the case of spaghetti, I noticed people would either cut the noodles or use a spoon to aid in twirling them. The plate inspired by this problem has a lip that is slightly taller and just slightly angled, to perfectly accommodate the motions of twirling and gathering. See more on issuu.