Student Work

  • Photography (BFA)

    Adi Nag


    These photographs are a visualization of my haven from emotional turmoil. Growing up, I sought out peaceful, solitary environments, away from the troublesome elements in my life. I suffered deep insomnia throughout high school and my university years. The night became a safety blanket. There were fewer people around, and I could truly be by myself, without fear of imposition. Night is a time for rest, peace, and contemplation, but also of fear, uncertainty, and nihilism. This project was produced in the manner of a documentary - by staging recreations of moments witnessed during my nightly wandering. The project addresses internal conflicts with masculinity, as well as the line between solitude and loneliness. By photographing staged scenarios, I've created characters who at times take on a projection of self, addressing notions of vulnerability and stoicism. Other photos capture environments where I find comfort, solace, and freedom to exist exactly as I wish to, free from the pressures of society, culture, and my own insecurities.