Student Work

  • Fashion Design (AAS)


    Tangled Flow

    The inspiration for this collection begins with classical music, particularly the violin. When I close my eyes and try to imagine violin music as a color, I see all shades of red. My goal was to integrate these themes with another favorite source of inspiration - nature, represented as organic forms and textures. The collection is also inspired by the American designer Norman Norell. The soul of his work has been to bring sophistication and luxury to women. I tried to infuse the spirit of Norell into my own design, which exemplifies my own aesthetic of how i see couture in 2017. The collection is called "Tangled Flow." It is a metaphor for all of life. We should not invest so much into winning or losing or choosing the right direction. If we just relax and trust the flow of our true self, there will be beauty in the result.