Student Work

  • Fine Arts (MFA)

    Bridget Leslie


    In this work, I explore the ways a physical body reacts to the social language of a site and what that reaction reveals about subjectivity. Rooms that function as propo-places (e.g., highways, airport terminals, waiting rooms) become non-spaces. These non-spaces came about as society refigured and rebuilt itself in the 20th century, striving for health, hygiene, and efficiency. I use the muted architecture of institutional rooms to give non-spaces an amplified existence. The work begins with an audio field recording and ends with images of an architectural design from the original site. The audio has been edited to amplify unheard vibrations from the site. My method of editing is meant to eliminate all hi-fi or humanoid noises, such that the space itself becomes part of the subjectivity. I developed the method from ideas surrounding Super-Modernity and a push for efficiency in urban environments - the desire for utopia.