Student Work

  • Transdisciplinary Design (MFA)

    Juyeon Lee, Chengcheng Teng, Oliver Arellano

    Vitality Rhythm

    Vitality Rhythm gives people the opportunity to form an empathetic and emotional connection with nature at Freshkills Park. Eve is an egg-shaped living entity made from the soil of Freshkills Park in Staten Island. The parkland here was once the world's largest landfill. Eve is nursed in a cradle-like environment. As she grows, she is monitored by Arable, a remote monitoring technology developed to assist in crop management. Arable uses sensors and cellular data to measure and communicate information on rainfall, water demand, stress, microclimate, and canopy biomass. In Eve's case, an Arable Pulsepod senses new sprouts and the vigor of growing plants, transforming them into a heartbeat. Eve's "vital signs" resonate with her viewers, who begin to care for her. "Eve" is a palindrome, which can be read backward and forward, in the same way the organic egg shape can be read. In that regard, Eve can be seen as a vessel through which to imagine both the park's past and future. We wanted this project to open a dialogue in hopes of creating a critical conversation between humans and nature.