Student Work

  • Architectural Design (BFA)

    Krishnan Jones


    Drawing inspiration from traditional Kulliye structures, Devam integrates itself into the urban fabric and site topography to create an interior continuation of the streetscape. The project focuses on the integration of Islamic culture into the city by allowing public access and thoroughfare within interior spaces. Located in Manhattan at 96th Street and Third Avenue, the building repurposes the site of an existing mosque and cultural center which does not adequately facilitate cultural programs. As the site features a drop in grade of seventeen feet, the design uses this slope to its advantage to create seamless movement through floor levels. The building makes use of ramps to enable guests to move seamlessly through the building without encountering walls or stairs, creating fluid, unobstructed access to the cultural programs housed within. The lack of boundaries in the building's circulation invites all visitors into each space and is emblematic of cultural exchange and integration. Ultimately Devam seeks to foster the integration of Islamic culture and community into the city by drawing visitors into the building through artistic, cultural and social services.