Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Megan Jana


    There is no universal outlet for beauty product recycling. ReGlam is a system that incentivizes consumers and makes recycling an easy and accessible step in the consumption cycle. Megan Jana began developing ReGlam upon realizing that there are limited outlets for recycling mass-produced cosmetic containers. Cosmetics empties cannot be processed by regular recycling programs and predominantly end up in landfills. With the mission of reducing the environmental impact of the industry, ReGlam is a solution for retailers to implement in their shops, as customers are incentivized with points and discounts to shop and recycle more. By facilitating collection of the empties, ReGlam ensures that containers are disposed of responsibly. To better understand the habits of beauty consumers, Megan Jana tested a pilot recycling program in spring 2017 with Make Up For Ever USA. Recycling bins were placed in three primary workplace locations in New York City, and employees were encouraged to deposit their empty cosmetics containers over the course of two months. Users responded to the pilot enthusiastically, and there was great demand for accessible recycling outlets.