Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Domenica Gallinatti

    Mima Ruiz Pottery

    I believe that wealth comes in many forms. I believe in nurturing a full life with beauty, family, plants, animals, adventures, care, and eyes wide open. I began work on the Mima Ruiz Collection with the Ruiz Lopez family in August of 2016. I am joining an international movement of designers that combines sustainable production methods with equitable business practices to pursue a rigorously ethical design practice. Rufina Ruiz Lopez and her sisters have been making pottery for more than 50 years in Oaxaca, Mexico. In the past few years, they have developed their own ceramic kilns that are fueled by used cooking oil from local restaurants. This new method of firing clay allows them to use lead-free glaze. Alberto Valenzuela uses agave fibers - the agricultural waste material of the local mezcal industry - to create colorful, visceral paper art and packaging. Our collective goal is to bring awareness to the beauty of ethical materials and honest abundance.