Student Work

  • Fine Arts (MFA)

    Francesca Fiore

    Frail Places

    Sister Theater is a poem to a process. The project developed from a collaboration with my sister and an attempt to combine my visual language with her archaeological method. During our collaboration, we were reminded of our shared experience of performing the tragic sister roles of Antigone and Ismene in a high school production of Sophocles' Antigone. Driven by a sudden desire to better understand that experience, we began excavating various translations of the play, unearthing latent intimacies between the sister characters and constructing an entirely new first scene, in which the two sisters voice the multiplicitous language of their sisterhood. Returning to our high school auditorium where we first performed these roles, we enacted the characters' newly assembled dialogue together on the stage, precariously positioned between their relationship and our own. The resulting video footage traced an intersecting web of our sisterhood(s). For me it also sparked an in-depth investigation into notions of kinship, place, and the failure of memory, drawing upon historical examples of theaters as memory systems, such as the Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo.