Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    somasree chandra

    Decolonizing space

    We stand at the end of an era dominated by colonialism, world wars, revolutions, and conflicts over race, religion, and greed - all of which has resulted in great suffering. We have seen massive plays and displays of power, and that is where my obsession stews. To assume power you have to accessorize, whether it is with a chair, a haircut, a suit, a flag, a slogan, a seal, a chart, or all of the above. Power can be designed, just as any other object can. Architects and designers are not victims of this hierarchy, and we have access to it at every point. Do we gain it, understand it, frustrate it, or redirect it? Or do we ignore the strings we can pull? We currently exist in a central system where we materialize our clients' needs with polished "money shot" renderings devoid of any signs of inhabitation. Is this yet another example of colonialism, where a select few hold power? If so, should we continue to consciously engage with this system? Our struggle is to find an alternative to this world, where only a few hold the capacity to make change.