Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Tricia Caracappa

    The Darkroom: The Lifespan of a Match

    The Darkroom is a theater and lounge in Long Island City, showing acclaimed films and offering a variety of dining experiences. The Darkroom fills a void in the neighborhood and provides a venue for the community to gather around. The Darkroom is inspired by the lifespan of a match: First there is anticipation, then captivation, and finally remembrance. It is thus divided into three areas: a "before" lounge, the theater, and an after lounge. Outside, floor-to-ceiling windows allow passersby a glimpse at the changing diorama inside the before lounge & a hint at the screening of the day, to build anticipation of what's to come. Inside the theater, a movie captivates, as a match mesmerizes. When the lights are dim, dark grey walls and deep plum sofas allow the Gold VIP nook and self-serve popcorn to glow like a fire. Once the lights are off, the glow of the movie takes over. The extinguished match leaves us in darkness and leaves an impression of what was once there. Closing our eyes, we can still see the flame, as we leave the theater with the imprint of the film. In the second lounge, called Ash, patrons relax in private booths with suede upholstery. As they discuss, their memories of the film fill the dark room. View this project on ISSUU.