Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    Sarah Burns

    Unfamiliar Interior

    In the United States we are regularly exposed to designs that are produced with haste and en masse to satisfy the cycle of planned and perceived obsolescence. Through magazines, social media, and television, we are taught how to live. In a society that embraces consumerism and pressures us to keep up with the Joneses, it is not surprising that we fail to seek out our own individual best way to live. The artist's studio can be seen as a form of resistance to this convention. By engaging our imagination and then physically shaping and molding our domestic spaces, our homes begin to reflect the way we live in them. Interior design shapes how we live and it affects the way we feel. Thoughtful interior design takes into account the inner workings of relationships within a particular home and the habits of everyday life. I believe it is possible to expand our perception of the world, ourselves, and others through the reconfiguration of the domestic interior. We will benefit from design that slows down, explores through experimentation and implements changes incrementally. In doing so, our interiors begin to reflect us as individuals and may celebrate alternative ways of living.