Student Work

  • Photography (BFA)

    Selin Akin and Alexander Papakonstadinou

    Out of Line

    Out of Line is both a reflection on today's political chaos and a stance against it. It is a protest against the hypnotizing noise that coats the times' chaotic reality. This work questions the interdependent relationship of material and human by reversing the roles of authorship between the two. Analog mastery avoids digital mechanics, acknowledging the human as the maker and the material as the made. Out of Line strives for an art practice established on the human qualities that can educe a piece. In Out Of Line, material is placed in front of the viewer while being physically supported by the artist duo for the duration of three hours. The human body mediates the object, taking a subordinating step back to support and exalt the presence of material within the given space. Out of Line is conscious of the cyclical nature of life and of the fact that objects are capable of transposing to actualities of the mind, despite their erosion over time. Prolonging this erosion enables the materials to speak for themselves, expanding the field of comprehension.