Student Work

  • Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)

    Heming Zhang and Yang Wang

    RockWe Association

    Rockaway, New York, is an isolated¬Ě island. After Hurricane Sandy, more organizations started to pay attention to Rockaway, but the residents here still feel invisible to New York City. The RockWe Association seeks to make long-term residents have greater visibility in the process of public pedagogy (both information and material) by introducing tax incentives, information-based programs, and practice-based programs. RockWe Association will help people get the information they need and allow them to use their knowledge and skills accrued through this process. Here, you will find the entire working process for the RockWe Association. We want to make the path of decision making transparent, and enable residents to understand how to improve our neighborhood and how to protect our rights in the city. We hope that the people in Rockaway can foster the unlimited potential in community-based design and the awareness it brings.